What I Expect from You Part 1

What I Expect from You Part 1  

I am your head coach. I am your business co-owner. I am your workout partner. I am your friend. I am your source of motivation and accountability. What does this mean? I know each of you as individuals – what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you think you can and cannot do, what you think your limits are and what they actually are. You may not know it, but I have expectations for each of you – some as a whole, some as individuals.  

I will push you. I will tell you to back off some. I will correct your technique. I will help you up when you’re down. I will laugh when you give me a hard time (talking to you, 5:30am). However, my expectations for you are as follows:  

1) Show up- I don’t care if you just rolled out of bed or show up a few minutes late because you got caught up talking before leaving work. I don’t care if you feel like you need to take it easy today or modify a workout. All I care is that you are HERE. Why? You are doing this for you. This is an investment in your health – you are creating lifelong healthy habits that help YOU feel better, move better and sleep better. If you aren’t here and we don’t know why, I will contact you – not for me, for future you.  

2) Stay Safe – I want you to push hard and get a great workout in. However, I do not want to see you get hurt – and you will if you are moving in a way that makes my face tell you what I’m thinking. I want to see each of you exceed your goals. However, I could care less to see “RX” or the fastest time on the board. What I care about is you are moving properly and completing the movement in its entirety (because cheating a rep is only cheating yourself from GAINS, Bro!) even if that means doing less weight, modifying a movement, or choosing a progression instead of a poorly executed “RX” movement. When we tell you to do less weight, correct your movement, or modify we are doing this for you. My expectation is that you welcome this. Your body and future you will thank you for it.  

3) Have Fun – Okay so you are here. You are moving correctly and listening to your coach. Next step, have FUN! Come in, chit chat, work hard, dance and sing if you want to, and high five at the end. I will push you to reach your goals. However, when I start to see you getting down on yourself, we will talk. That is not what this is for – no pity parties allowed (this was the old me when I first started CF in 2013). It’s okay to miss a lift, move slower than yesterday, or not do something the person next to you is doing. Pat yourself on the back for trying, ask for help and try again, then move on! If we did not have failures, we would not have (or appreciate) progress. TRUST THE PROCESS. I love to see failures every now and again (my own too). Why?! Because when I see the success later and the joy it brings to your face – that is worth it all. Appreciate the less-that-what-you-expected-days.  

4) No Comparison – Friendly competition is always allowed as this is part of the fun. However, remember these are your goals. Your goals do not apply to the person working out next to you. When they reach a milestone, celebrate with them! Then, return to the path of your own goals. We all started on different levels. Our strengths and weaknesses are different. Our bodies are uniquely created. Our schedules are different. We progress at different speeds. We may have taken an extended time away from exercising. When we begin to dwell on how to reach someone else’s level or ask yourself, “Why can’t I do it like fill in name?” or “Why don’t I look like fill in name?” we plant a seed of resentment (that only hurts us in the end) and begin to attach negativity to the part of the day that is just for us – our investment that should leave us feeling great and ready to attach our day. When you see someone achieving something different than you, CELEBRATE them because, when you reach your goal, they will celebrate you!  

5) Eat to Nourish & Eat Enough – Now you’ve showed up several days a week, worked hard, high fived your friends after the workouts, then you go and grab Chick-Fil-A on the way home (#Drooling). You are throwing your hard workouts in the GARBAGE! Yes, we should not restrict our diets so much that we never get a cheat meal or feel guilty about one here and there. However, why come in and workout hard just to put garbage in your body? (I’m preaching to myself here – 2018 was a year filled with bad nutrition.) Your body is the only one you have. When you start to see an increase is fat mass, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, pre-diabetes, acne, mood swings, digestion issues, joint pain, etc., this is the effect of bad habits. (Yes, some of it can be genetic, etc.). Stop eating the inflammatory foods too much and start supporting your systems the way you should – future you will thank. You will feel better, move better, sleep better – the list goes on. We are here for you. I am a Nutritionist and would love to help because it is not easy. Think of nutrition as 80% of your wellness journey and the gym as 20%. Is that where you are? I’m not, but I’m working on it (eating chocolate every night is not supportive to my daily activities).  When you have morphed your diet into food to support daily living and activities, be sure you are eating enough! Eating healthy is not restrictive dieting! Ask us for help.  

That’s part one of my list of expectations for you all. If you would like help with individual goal setting, please feel free to ask. We would love to sit down 1-on-1 with you to know how we can best support you.  

You are all amazing people and I love having you in our gym. Now, pat yourself on the back because your awesome and come get a great workout in. 🙂  

Shay Woerner 

Head Coach, Co-Owner to one good-looking business partner 😉  


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