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Jack Woerner

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Jack Woerner
Co-Owner and Manager

Jack Woerner


CrossFit L1


Jack started his fitness journey at a young age. Through many youth football, soccer, baseball, track and basketball seasons all the way through high school.

Jack has developed a love for athletics and gained vast knowledge in sports. Jack was capable and blessed enough to go on to play football at a collegiate level and took part in several Strength and Conditioning programs there. This was where he was introduced to CrossFit and it started a spark to get more involved in the program.

After 6 years of being a part of CrossFit, Jack has competed in several events and has visited multiple other CrossFit boxes to bring in more experience in knowledge to the business. Jack has been coaching CrossFit courses now for over 3.5 years.

One of his favorite parts of the CrossFit business is the community that is built up around the gym. Meeting new people, challenging them outside of their comfort zone and building long lasting relationships is his core objective with the business.